OsteoTest Service

What is OsteoTest? OsteoTest is a unique, new urine test for the diagnosis of risk of osteoporosis. Who can take a test? Anyone who wants to understand the current status of their bone health better. Why is it important to understand the status of your bone health? One in three women and one in five […]

Covid Tests

Your Guide to Covid-19 Testing Covid testing is a complicated affair these days, firstly there are all the different types of tests, then which countries need then and which don’t and on what days, so here at Amiry & Gilbride Pharmacy we have decided to keep it simple with the name of the test, why […]

Mole Scanning Service

What is the Mole Scanning Service? The Mole Scanning Service includes an assessment of moles and pigmented lesions you’re worried about, and can also help to identify any that might be suspicious. The service doesn’t provide a diagnosis of skin cancer, but our Dermatology Specialists analyse the moles/lesions and can help identify any suspicious moles […]

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