Bridging contraception service

Introduction Pharmacies can give you an initial supply of the contraceptive pill. How does it work? Pharmacies can provide a temporary supply of the progestogen-only pill. This is known as bridging contraception. What’s bridging contraception? Bridging contraception is a short-term supply of the contraceptive pill. It bridges the gap between emergency contraception and longer-term contraception. This […]

Palliative Care Service

Introduction We provide a palliative care service.  Palliative care drugs can sometimes be required quickly and this service ensures that there is appropriate access to a range of palliative care drugs, particularly outside of normal opening hours, and when treatment is needed urgently. Many of the drugs used in palliative care are not usually used […]

Health & Lifestyle Advice

Introduction We provide advice to increase your knowledge, awareness and understanding on leading healthier lifestyles so as to improve your health. In cases where we cannot provide a particular advice, service or treatment, we will ensure that you are appropriately signposted to other healthcare and social services. Service details Price: Free service Frequency: When required… Availability This […]

Prescription delivery

Introduction We know that at times it’s not easy to pick up your prescription. Our prescription delivery service is absolutely free and available to everyone. Whether you find it difficult to get around, are stuck at your desk or don’t like the weather, our friendly drivers will safely deliver your prescription to your home or workplace. […]

PillPouch Service

Introduction We can help by discussing various ways in which to make it easier to use your medicines in the right way. Our free NHS pill organiser service, PillPouch can help. If after this discussion it is the right option, we can supply your medicines in a community dosage system to help you remember which […]

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