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We offer a wide range of healthcare services to OUR communitIES


It isn’t always easy to detect underlying health issues. Whether you have noticed changes in how you feel or are just curious about what’s happening inside your body, we have the test for you.

Our diagnostic services will help you understand how healthy you in a variety of important ways. We’ll help you identify and take the steps you need to take to improve your health including Covid-19 tests.

We can supply a wide range of prescription only medicines without a prescription to help you manage common ailments.

We provide an extensive range of NHS funded healthcare services specific to our locations. Learn more about how we work with the NHS to care for Scotland.

We are ready to help you live the healthiest life you can. We are easily accessible, open when you need us and can provide advice, products and services to help you live healthier.

Looking after yourself when you travel is important and we can help you prepare with advice and medicines so that you can focus on enjoying the experiences you are planning to have.

We can supply and administer a range of vaccines to help protect you from some common conditions in our private consultation rooms.

At Amiry & Gilbride Pharmacy we like to make things simple: you can either call us direct to book a service, pop into one of our branches or book online using the link above. 

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